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Beautiful, age-old objects tell their own stories.
So much is hidden in their cracked knots, remnants of preserved paint, patina...
I close my eyes and I can clearly see dust floating in old studios and backyard workshops where time used to flow much slower than today; I can sense the effort and patience of craftsmen whose hard-working hands attempted to breathe life into a piece of wood, clay or metal every single day...

THYMKA STUDIO is a place brimmed with numerous objects of that kind. I have created it for those who cherish authenticity and simplicity, and consciously reject the idea of pursuing instant fashion...
This is a creative space where – hopefully – you are going to find calm and feel a desire to create something unique...

I am presenting you with the opportunity to freely use the recurrently-changing stage sets of my own production.
They are all connected by a constant quest for beauty in imperfection, a perpetual attempt to give a new life and purpose to objects and muted colours which make a perfect, neutral background for photographs, films and various creative projects.

It would make me extremely happy if the proposed stylings became an inspiration for your interior design, hence THYMKA STUDIO also offers you a convenience to purchase selected, hand-picked design pieces and make their story continue in your own space.



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