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Those who know me recognise the fact that for years I have had a weakness for second-hand, timeworn items. I am a true believer in the beauty of passing time and constantly fascinated by the natural process of ageing.  

When creating THYMKA STUDIO and selecting the furniture and accessories for building its set design, I came up with an idea that some of those pieces could find their place in your homes. From there came a concept of a store with an ever-expanding assortment composed of unique objects and natural, raw materials not following the contemporary trends that tend to change in a flash. I hope to present vintage accessories with a second life, following the idea of respect for the work of human hands.  

I appreciate that you’re engaged in creating a new home for them, too. Keep it in mind though that none of these items are new. Visible knots, discolouration, cracks, layers of patina developed over the years – they are not a defect, but an appeal and a unique feature of each and every piece. Therefore, shop around with caution.

You are also welcome to visit my studio, where you will instantaneously have a chance to examine and pick your favourite item. Interested? Please contact me by phone or e-mail.

Hope to see you soon!




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